Education in New Zealand

Are you planning to live in New Zealand? If so then you should learn as much as you can about the country’s educational system if you or your children will be attending classes there.

It offers the world’s highest percentage of public spending for education. These are figures that help to explain why NZ has one of the world’s best educational systems.

So the big question is what makes New Zealand different? For example, the question is what sets it apart from other developed countries that provide public education for kids. There are several factors. One is that NZ believes that everyone should get the education they deserve. The school has several private schools. However, due to the high funding for public schools, many parents are ok sending their kids to public schools.

Another reason NZ has an excellent education is the system focus on both academic/practical achievements. The traditional approach to education is that learners should just be filled with information provided by educators.

The difference in New Zealand is that the educational system allows kids the chance to explore. This gives them the best environment and situations for learning. The country’s educational system is progressive, so it’s different from many others around the world. The main benefit of this approach is that students are prepared for college or work when they’re done secondary education.

Primary and Secondary Schools

Nearly all primary/secondary schools in New Zealand have a set daily schedule that’s typically from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Students attend school during the entire year, and there are four different terms including

Term 1: February to April

Term 2: April to July

Term 3: July to September

Term 4: October to December


In New Zealand, higher education is very important. There are eight universities throughout the nation and 18 tech institutions. There are also more than 600 training schools for specialized skills. The country’s universities are world-class, and 5 of them are ranked in the world’s top 500 universities. NZ is best known for the sectors of business, engineering, technology, biological sciences, and medicine. The NZ government also subsidizes higher education for the country’s residents.

Make sure to do your homework before you or kids study in New Zealand.