Are you planning to live in New Zealand?

If so then you should be aware of the country’s top services. Here are some of them:


This is a huge industry in the country and nearly 10% of all New Zealanders work in tourism. It’s second regarding foreign exchange earnings after dairy farming. This includes various sectors including hospitality, transportation, entertainment, and activities. There are also several jobs for backpackers in this industry.


Farming sectors in New Zealand include sheep, cattle, and dairy. In fact, the country’s sheep farming is one of the top industries and also one of the most famous ones. The sheep are raised for meat and wool. During recent years technology has improved greatly and made the process easier/safer.

The country’s dairy industry is also one of the biggest ones in the country. This helps to explain why the country is famous for its milk and other dairy products. NZ produces over 100 dairy products including several types of milk products, yogurt, cheese, etc. If you’re planning to visit New Zealand you might want to tour a dairy farm to learn about the process of making milk products.

It’s worth noting that agriculture is, in fact, the biggest industry in Zealand and creates 70% of the country’s export earnings as well as 12% of the GDP. NZ is, in fact, the biggest exporter of sheep meat and dairy products in the world. When driving through the country, you’ll notice many sheep/cow fields.

Horticulture is a sub-industry in the country and is also a major industry. It’s worth $5 billion NZ including domestic sales/exports. Those sales including products like kiwifruit, summer fruits, and wine. The industry also provides various seasons jobs that are a good option for backpackers who want to earn some cash.

The agriculture industry in NZ has a shortage of skills in particular jobs. So if you have them, it will be easier for people to secure a work visa in NZ. Some of the best options include dairy, pig farming, beef, beekeeping, biotech, logging, agricultural science, and others. Make sure to research these issues before looking for work in New Zealand.


This includes hotels, motels, hotels, and other types of accommodations like holiday parks. If you’re planning to visit NZ temporarily, then you should research which accommodations are available. As with other countries, there’s a wide array of different accommodations to pick from. Make sure to set a budget you don’t end up spending more than you afford.


This is a growing industry in NZ regarding the number of jobs. There’s a huge demand for construction workers in the Auckland region. Following the 2011/2011 earthquakes, you can find a lot of jobs in the Canterbury region in particular. If you’re a skilled construction worker, then you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a work visa since there’s a skill shortage in several kinds of jobs. They include foreman, scaffolder, and survey technician. If you have skills in these areas, then you likely find work.